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Sona Desai


Ten years ago, I left Raleigh for the bright lights of NYC. During that time, my lifelong affair with dancing took a new direction. I evolved quickly as a dancer/choreographer, exploring many new styles of movement: modern dance, jazz, hip hop, Indian folk, Bharatanatyam, Odissi, Bhangra, Capoeira, and West African. I discovered the beauty of creating, feeling, moving, and breathing in perfect sync with a group. The transition to choreographer inspired me to explore the body in a new way. All of my life could be felt and explained through my body-in my sensations, in my posture, in the way I moved through the world. Performing shifted from simply “performing for an audience” into compelling performance art that was a vehicle to empower others and elevate awareness in the community. My hunger to serve a higher purpose continued when I returned to NC. I stopped dancing and after running, soccering, and kickboxing my body to its edge, I found yoga-the last thing I wanted to do, but exactly what I needed most. Each yoga class I stepped into reflected the moments I spent on stage; both were an acknowledgment of something far, far greater than me.

In 2009, I completed 65 hours of creative movement training, 110 hours of Anusara-inspired yoga training plus an additional 200 hour program at the Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health. In 2010, I also became certified in the Yoga Warriors method to provide yoga instruction to military families, veterans and first responders.

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I follow an inquiry-based approach to yoga, which is about learning how to learn and enjoying that experience. You come to a yoga practice with any beliefs that you want – if it’s serving you that belief will stay, if not then it crumbles away. Your yoga will always reveal what is true, present, and possible; so long as you are willing to let yourself unfold. I offer a grounding, uplifting and challenging Vinyasa practice to support this journey in each of you. I am committed to you creating a life that you love and a world that truly reflects what is in your heart.







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  • Kate says:

    Sona is a great teacher for those new to yoga or for those who have practiced for years. Sona creates a practice that is strong, sweaty, and challenging, yet at the same time rejuvenating and calming. Attention to great form is not lost in Sona’s classes as she is very hands on during the class making adjustments and helping with alignment which I have found to be extremely helpful in honing my practice. Sona’s classes are a wonderful mix of what I want yoga to be for me…strength, flexibility, confidence, and peace.

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